baby's hand being held by adult hand

Consultation Services

Treatment Specializations 
Face-to-face, phone, Skype, and face-time consultations available 
Relationship Development Intervention™ (RDI®)
  • The First Step Package
  • Full RDI Programming
  • Family education and training (parents and/or siblings)
  • Extender training (home therapists that are supporting RDI home programming)

General Consultation
  • Program trouble shooting
  • Specific areas of concern consultation
  • Program evaluation
  • Parent education
  • Parent training  
Individual Consultations
Teens and Adults: (age 12 and over) One to one sessions with a focus on RDI principles

Couples and Family Education
For couples who are interested in learning about autism and improve their communication and understanding of each other

School Consultation Services
  • School observation
  • Teacher training
  • Para-professional training
  • Attend and participate in school meetings
Work Place / Day Program Consultation Services
  • Observation
  • Professional training
  • Goal setting
 Goal Setting Consultations
  • Family goal setting
  • Individual goal setting
Speaking/ Presentations/ Workshops: two-hour presentations
  • Autism 
  • Relationship Development Intervention™ (RDI)
  • Working with teens and adults with ASD
  • Executive functioning / Dynamic intelligence
  • Healthy Family Functioning
Written Services
  • Formal report writing
  • Letters to insurance
  • Letters to schools
  • Letters for court cases
  • Any professional formal report or documentation