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Client and Family Testimonials


 "Kim has  helped our family by introducing us to the RDI program.  We started working with her and learning about  it when Emory was probably about 9 years old.  He is now 16.  More than just a therapy, Kim explained to us that RDI was a lifestyle: something  that was parent driven.  I really appreciated that because it empowered both my husband and I so we would  not have to rely on an outside expert to help our son.  Kim was so patient and broke down the tasks to show us the meaning behind the activity instead of just the activity for activity’s sake.  Watching Kim’s example helped me learn to slow down in my interactions with Emory to be sure he was catching all the meaning between us,  something that he surely wasn’t catching before.  As a result of our practice, regularly, I began to really look forward to spending time with him.  And watching him begin to connect more was really exciting!  Videotaping our sessions was also so helpful!"  

~ Camille Smith, Gilbert, AZ (mother of 16 old son with ASD)


"Kim's work with our young adult son, who is on the spectrum, has transformed our family life.  Before she came he was frustrated and angry most of the time and we found it very difficult to relate to him.  Her work with him and advice to us on how to be with him through the use of RDI and other approaches has made our relations with him more normal.  Kim has helped us understand how our son sees and feels about situations and people. We are also teaching him to understand how others see him so that he can adjust to real life situations.  As a result, he is interested in more things, involved in more activities and much more a part of the family than he used to be.  We were lucky to have found Kim when we did.


Kim is the best there is.  She is a certified RDI consultant but is much more than that.  She is able to adapt and combine RDI with other commonsense ideas to tailor a program that fits the particular needs of a family.  That is what she did for our young adult son and us, his parents.  If you have a son or daughter who is on the spectrum, she is the answer."

~Vijaya, Chevy Chase, MD (mother of 33 year old son with ASD)

To whom it may concern:

Kim Isaac has been our RDI consultant for over six years. She has been instrumental in the progress our son has made since starting RDI. Kim is very patient, calm, and insightful in her assessment of our work with him as well as determining the next steps for our son's program. She is always flexible and quick to respond when we have problems or questions. Kim works with our son to assess next steps in our program. Her insight and abilities to work with an older population (teens and adults) is hard to find. She is absolutely terrific with them and has been instrumental in our success.

She pushes parents to think beyond what seems possible to accomplish. Kim exhibits an amazing ability to apply the theory of RDI into real life experiences. Our son continues to improve socially and has more confidence to move forward with each new challenge. What we have accomplished under Kim's guidance has been life changing for our whole family.


Vicki Gebben

Parent of 19 year old with autism


"RDI has made a tremendous difference in our family’s life. I wish this program had been around when my son,  Kyle was small. The concepts have changed our relationship with Kyle in a very positive way. His interactions and awareness have changed and improved tremendously over the years we have been using RDI concepts. We have learned to be effective guides and he has learned to be an apprentice and this has opened up many many doors for all of us. Kyle is able to participate in life out in the community at a new level and participate at home at a new level as well. This has changed and improved his quality of life in a really big way!

Since RDI, Kyle is more tuned in to people and shows more emotional reactions than ever before. His self control has improved dramatically. In fact, he has experienced the most growth of his life in his 20’s and that’s when we started RDI. It is easier to include Kyle now and we have been more motivated to include him though we still have a ways to go in this area. 

The RDI concepts and focus on the relationship, the process, experience sharing, slowing down, understanding the edge and how to go to the edge plus one, how to create productive uncertainty, etc.  continue to be extremely valuable in helping Kyle learn and grow. Learning them and practicing them have helped us grow as well. I can’t really imagine doing it any other way." 

~Gayle Nobel, Phoenix, AZ (mother of 29 year old son with ASD)



“Kim goes far above and beyond what is normal or typically expected from a therapist. She seems to think about how better to handle your specific situation 24/7 and she cares for you and your autistic child as if you are all family. When a difficult situation occurs or a meltdown, Kim is always available and quick to help with great advice and steps to take to handle the situation in a very effective way.”


“RDI has provided us with a way of communicating to our autistic son that makes him comfortable and takes much of the stress out of our relationship. We have learned how he thinks, he has learned how we think in a different way than he does; and thus we get along much better and have a greatly improved family relationship. As a result of our greatly improved communication, we are now able to mentor our son and help him learn about how to handle situations and issues that previously we were not able to teach him or communicate to him. Working with Kim has really helped our son understand himself and other people much better.”

~”Happy parents in Texas” (parents of 30 year old son on the spectrum)